Valerie Sinason, Director CDS

Valerie Sinason is a poet, writer, child psychotherapist and adult psychoanalyst. She is Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, and consultant research psychotherapist at St George's hospital. She specialises in work with abused/abusing and dissociative patients including those with a learning disability She has written over 10 books and 60 papers and lectures nationally and internationally.

    "Attachment Trauma and Multiplicity", revised edition, edited by Valerie Sinason, November 2010

                                from the new Introduction

"Mental Handicap and the Human Condition"  An Analytic Approach to Intellectual Disability: Second Updated Edition. Valerie Sinason, 2010, 

"New Horizons in Disability Psychotherapy: The Contributions of Valerie Sinason" by Graeme Galton, "free association" Vol 9, part 4, No 52,  2002

"Valerie Sinason talks to Graeme Galton", biographical article from "free association" Vol 10, part 4, No 56,  2003

"Family Matters", from 1992 to 1995 Valerie wrote a monthly article for The Guardian newspaper on an analytic approach to family problems. 


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