Please ignore the Wikipedia entry under my name for the time being.

I find it extremely useful for many subjects but for some, especially contentious areas that involve forensic issues,as fast as colleagues try to correct and add material it is damaged by other editors who are not following Wikipedia guidelines, e.g. they rely on unchecked newspaper articles and unvalidated or old and biased quotes.

It is therefore of interest that whilst my disability work gets a small mention, most space is given to sceptical or downright attacks on the existence of ritual abuse and especially abuse by Satanist pedophiles.

The work of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies is obviously missed as that involves academic books and forensic psychotherapy. Forensic psychotherapy covers a wide range of crimes; a single instances of rape which has caused PTSD, all forms of paedophilia, particulary sadistic behaviour by abusers who were victims of abuse in their own childhoods, and forms of organised abuse.

For more information on some aspects of forensic psychotherapy see

"Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder", edited by Adah Sachs and Graeme Galton, 2008.