Dr Valerie Sinason speaks nationally and internationally subjects including learning disability and dissociation.

Previous events

10 April 2019 “Being Human. Intellectual Disability and Psychotherapy: The influence of Valerie Sinason”, IPD one day conference, London
6 July 2019 “The Voiceless and Unheard: Understanding Primitive Bodily Communications in Psychotherapy”, one day conference, London
26 May 2018 “Shame and Self-loathing in the Treatment of Trauma” one day conference, London
5 May 2018 “One Voice or Many: The Challenging Problem of Multiplicity” one day workshop, London

22-26 March 2018 Dr Sinason will give two talks at the ISSTD conference, Chicago

19 March 2018 “Has Institutionalisation Ended?” with the launch of Belonging, Books Without Words, co-authored by Dr Sinason. 10.30-17.30, Shoreditch Town Hall

17 March 2018 “Trauma, Attachment and Dissociation” one day workshop, London

12 March 2018 “Dissociation” Tavistock Clinic course

10 March 2018 “Dissociative Identities” one day conference, Tavistock Centre

3 March 2018 “Trauma and Sexuality”  BCAT Counselling and Training, Bedford

16-17 June 2017  “The Changing Faces of Trauma Memory”
Trauma Symposium of the Trauma-Institut-Leipzig


2 April 2016: Valerie Sinason has been awarded the highest recognition by the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation.