New book charts the influence of Dr Sinason’s work

On Nov 21st 2018 at the Freud Museum,  a booked edited by the late Alan Corbett,  Intellectual Disability and Psychotherapy: The Theories, Practice and Influence of Valerie Sinason was launched.

The book charts the transformative impact of Dr Valerie Sinason’s work  with children and adults with intellectual disabilities upon both a generation of clinicians and the treatment and services delivered by them.

Examining how contemporary Disability Therapists have discovered, used and adapted such pioneering concepts as the Handicapped Smile and Secondary Handicap as a Defence Against Trauma in their clinical work, the book includes contributions from renowned practitioners and clinicians from around the world. It shines a light on how Sinason’s work opened doors for working with people who were previously thought of as unreachable.

Intellectual Disability and Psychotherapy will be an essential resource to anyone working with children or adults with disabilities, as well as psychotherapists interested in exploring Dr Sinason’s work.

At the packed launch Dr Sinason was presented an award by Baroness Sheik Professor Hollins  – becoming the first recipient of the Valerie Sinason Award for services to intellectual disability.

A conference based on the book will be held in London on Wednesday 10th April 2019.

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